Friday, November 4, 2011

halloween 2011

My little ZOMBIE girl! Tylar was actually planning on being a butterfly this year but as soon as she saw me making Braxton's costume, she got so excited about it and wanted to be a zombie; so I made her costume last minute but it turned out alright. She loved it and that's what matters!

Braxton dressed as a Zombie but of course he wanted to wear a mask! He was very excited about his costume as well!
My 2 little zombies
Their just silly! They had a lot of fun with these costumes!
Our tree out front; I just had to get a picture of it with the sun shining through, so beautiful! I love fall!
Every year here in Mound City, the kids get together in the day and circle around to all the businesses to get candy. It was really fun!

and the trick or treating begins!

Tylar was scaring people when they opened the door, it was hilarious! The kids were so good with their manners; instead of just saying saying thank you, I told them to say "Thank you so much!" I was impressed with them since they remembered at every door! I was so proud of them!

We drove around in my Mom's truck; the kids would hop out and run to a few doors then got back in. It was nice to do it this way cause it made it easier to hit more doors all around town. It brought back some childhood memories!!

I LOVE theses little zombies!!!
I told Tylar to make a scary face and this is what she did! Freaking funny girl, she has the most funny, cutest personality!
When I went to take Braxton's picture; this was his pose. Wanting to pose tough like boys do! He cracks me up!
Holy cow. look at all the candy they got! I can't believe how much it was when they dumped it out! There were quite a few houses that let them take hand fulls!
Can you say cavity!? Lol!!!
I'll be eating a lot of this, that's for sure!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafting Ideas

Bathroom Wall Hanging: 1 square piece of ceramic tile, just cut out letters from a magazine for your saying, glue it on tile with crafters glue, then apply a thin layer of modpodge, let dry, apply one more thin layer, let dry and apply your wall hanging fixtures to the back and hang it up! The knobs I have in the center were glued on with super glue, I had this lying around my house as a decor, so get creative! Fun, easy and cheap to make!!
I bought this basket from the dollar store to organize all my ribbon. Just set the spools in it and pull the ribbon through the holes. For my mini spools, I used wire across the top.

Wall Hanging For Your Kids Art Pieces

I used some scrap wood, just a long piece. Any size will do. I had my kids cut out letters and words from magazines, just use any crafting glue and layer the pieces over eacother until the stick is all cvered. Apply a thin layer of mod podge, let dry. Glue buttons with glue gun onto clothing pins and then glue the pins along the wood. Then apply the wall hanging fixtures to the back and hang up!
You can go for whatever look you want, get creative but I was going for the vintage look that i'm in love with!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween festival & My Sister's Wedding

Tylar's preschool held a Halloween festival a couple nights ago, it was awesome! They provided everything! Cotton candy (my favorite!), pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, tons of candy, rides, face painting, bounce houses and more!
They went through that bounce obstacle so many ties, especially Braxton!

Tylar and her teacher Mrs. Perkins
Mrs. Perkins painting Tylars face
Digging in sand to find the key to unlock the treasure chest, unfortunately Tylar tried about 6 times and never found it. Bummer!
Bow and Arrow

My little pumpkins!!
She almost got the football through the hoop, soooo close!
Roping!! She got him too!

Golf time!!

Tylar made it in her first throw!She made it in one of these too!
Gone fishing!

So excited about my cotton candy! It was gone in literally a couple minutes! I LOVE that stuff!!
All sugared up!
My Sister Melissa and her kids came to visit. It was so mice cause I got to meet my newest Nephew Gavin, just 7 weeks old! Such a cute baby boy! Here's Tylar with Gavin
Gavin and I

Damon and Braxton (cousins and best buds!)
My wonderful Sis Missy!!
We have been grilling a lot lately or I should say, Nate has. Braxton waiting patiently for his chicken!
My Mom and Gavin
Missy, Nate and I
Me and my chef!
My Mom, Destiny my niece and I
My step dad Scott and I
Silly girl!
cooking out
silly kiddos!
Adorable little Cousins!!
My Nephew Damon and I
New mama!
I have all these pictures out of order, sorry. This is when Aaron and Alie came home for the first time as a married couple!
Getting home
They had a small get dinner get together after the ceremony

Alie and I
Aaron's family

Tylar and IScott, me and my Mom

My Nephew Rickie and IDamon, Rickie and Ryan
Missy, Gavin and I
It's official!
Alie, Aaron and I
Good friends of Alies
Missy and I

My Mom and Scott
My Sister issy, My Mom, My Sister Alie and I
Pastor Mike (who married them), His wife, Aaron and Alie
My Mom with some of her Grandchildren
My Mom and Gavin
Missy and her beautiful kids
Rickie and Ryan (Alie's boys)
Aaron and Alie

The rings


The vowsAaron gave vows to the 3 boys
Alie getting Reece ready for the wedding

Our new puppy Milly
Shes 7 weeks old, half chow, half german shepard
They just adore her!!!