Friday, November 4, 2011

halloween 2011

My little ZOMBIE girl! Tylar was actually planning on being a butterfly this year but as soon as she saw me making Braxton's costume, she got so excited about it and wanted to be a zombie; so I made her costume last minute but it turned out alright. She loved it and that's what matters!

Braxton dressed as a Zombie but of course he wanted to wear a mask! He was very excited about his costume as well!
My 2 little zombies
Their just silly! They had a lot of fun with these costumes!
Our tree out front; I just had to get a picture of it with the sun shining through, so beautiful! I love fall!
Every year here in Mound City, the kids get together in the day and circle around to all the businesses to get candy. It was really fun!

and the trick or treating begins!

Tylar was scaring people when they opened the door, it was hilarious! The kids were so good with their manners; instead of just saying saying thank you, I told them to say "Thank you so much!" I was impressed with them since they remembered at every door! I was so proud of them!

We drove around in my Mom's truck; the kids would hop out and run to a few doors then got back in. It was nice to do it this way cause it made it easier to hit more doors all around town. It brought back some childhood memories!!

I LOVE theses little zombies!!!
I told Tylar to make a scary face and this is what she did! Freaking funny girl, she has the most funny, cutest personality!
When I went to take Braxton's picture; this was his pose. Wanting to pose tough like boys do! He cracks me up!
Holy cow. look at all the candy they got! I can't believe how much it was when they dumped it out! There were quite a few houses that let them take hand fulls!
Can you say cavity!? Lol!!!
I'll be eating a lot of this, that's for sure!!

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